The child custody calendar puts your schedule at your fingertips, wherever you are

Organize and manage your parenting time - all in one place. Take surprise out of the equation and make sure you’re always in the know.

Parents can set up and manage their child custody schedule online using our color-coded, easy-to-use, intuitive calendar. You can view by day, week or month.

child custody calendar
  • ✓ Online calendar with specific scheduling functionality designed for every type of co-parenting relationship: divorced and separated parents, co-parents, single parents, blended families, joint custody, sole custody, collaborative and high conflict parents.
  • ✓ Set up and manage your shared parenting schedule.
  • ✓ Color coding for each family member means you can easily manage each child’s schedule and see at a glance who has custody on a given day.
  • ✓ Keep track of your kids' activities, appointments and events and important pick up/drop off information.
  • ✓ Unique acknowledge and approval system so both parents are always in sync.
  • ✓ Receive alerts for upcoming events, appointments and transition times.
  • ✓ Request custody schedule changes: our unique approval system immediately notifies both parents as well as caregivers of any requested changes to the custody schedule. The other parent and/or guest users can accept or decline the event by clicking on a single button.
  • ✓ Arrange pick ups and drop offs.
  • ✓ Organize vacation/Public Holiday schedules.
  • ✓ Track events such as doctors appointments, school functions and activities.
  • ✓ Mobile access.
  • ✓ Free guest user access to your custody calendar: you can choose to include your children, child caregivers, extended family, family law professionals or anyone else that you want to be able to view your calendar.

coparently also includes

Mobile Access

coparently has been specially developed to work on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and KindleFire. That means you can manage your co-parenting needs from anywhere.

Free Guest Access

Keep family, caregivers, and family law professionals in the loop by giving them access to your coparently account. Children can have special access so that they can only see the calendar and aren't exposed to co-parents communication. This keeps children informed but not put in the middle.

Bank Grade Security

We use the leading 256bit SSL encryption technology to ensure that all your communication and data on coparently is secure. This is the same technology banks use for online banking.

Windows or Mac, take your pick

Whether you're a Windows user or an apple fan, we have you covered. coparently's full set of co-parenting tools works on any operating system and all modern browsers.