How are we making life easier and better for separated, divorced and blended families?

The lives of millions of families are affected by divorce every year and in the US alone there are nearly 15 million parents living apart. Divorce changes but doesn’t end families and co-parenting is anything but easy.

Today it's natural for both parents to have a share in the growth and development of their children. Raising children in today’s busy, demanding world is already stressful enough, let alone when you have to manage this hectic schedule from two different homes, with a parent you’d rather not have to speak to.

Research shows time and again that when separated parents are able to put the needs of their children first, everyone benefits: children and parents alike. Co-operative parenting helps to provide children with stability and to maintain strong relationships with both parents. But it’s not always easy to co-parent amicably.

We strongly believe that a tool that helps parents to organize and manage their co-parenting arrangements goes a very long way to improving everyday life for kids and gives them the security they need and deserve. In fact, there’s a lot of research out there that proves this to be true.

Parents really love our easy-to-use co-parenting tools. Not very surprising when they are saving hundreds of dollars in legal costs and spending much, much less time managing custody arrangements. In fact, parents often save more than the annual fee within the first week.

Created in Vancouver, BC by Yahoo! veterans, coparently is an online scheduling and communication tool that provides parents with a simple way to organize and manage shared parenting. Our vision when creating coparently was to build an easy-to-use, intuitive tool to improve the lives of separated families and ease difficult communications.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Hanif Virani lived through divorce as a child. He knows first-hand the challenges and fears that children experience as a result of their parents’ separation. He remembers believing that it was his fault that his parents were not together anymore and how upsetting it was to watch his parents argue about a miscommunication or conflict with the schedule. Both parents were working, juggling childcare and just trying to make it through the day – he vividly remembers how confusing and chaotic life seemed.

Now as adults, we see our own friends struggling to manage the custody schedule and keep track of pick ups, drop offs, activities, school meetings, etc. All the while furiously working so hard to preserve their children’s happiness and well-being and to ease the transition of separation as much as they possibly can.

We know that every family is different but there’s one thing parents have in common – they want the best for their children. We have built coparently to help make life a little bit easier for separated, divorced and blended families.

Because an interesting thing happens when you show kids they’re important: they believe it.