Everything you need to raise healthy, happy kids after separation or divorce

Keep your kids out of the middle, have less conversations with your ex and reduce conflict. coparently means you and your co-parent can manage your children’s busy schedule from separate homes without feeling overwhelmed.

Co-parenting Tools

Spend less time managing your custody schedule and more time with your kids.

Struggling to keep up with the shared parenting schedule? Frustrated by miscommunications with the other parent? Losing track of where you are with shared expenses? Here’s how coparently is the right choice your family.

Make sure your kids aren’t ever left behind with the easy-to-use, color-coded custody calendar. Unique approval system keeps everyone in the know.

Communication doesn’t need to be difficult and you won’t have to talk very often. Avoid the “he said, she said” and keep communication child-focused.

We’re saving parents a lot of time calculating who’s paid what & how much with the simple expense management tool.

All the information you need at your fingertips, wherever you are. The shared directory gives you easy and instant access to your important contacts.

Make your kids happier

We have the right formula to achieve purposeful, consistent and child-focused communication. This leads to reduced conflict, happier parents and most importantly…happier children!

Co-parenting Tools